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Moulin Rouge Elite - An Icon Community
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Welcome to moulin_elite! I decided to make this community because I've looked all over for a good elite Moulin Rouge icon community, but no luck. So, being a Moulin Rouge whore I decided I had no choice but to make my own elite community! This community is for the Moulin Rouge icons that make you stop and stare. None of those crappy icons that even the maker admits aren't there best, we mean the cream of the crop. Icons that are unique, perfectly crisp, and imaginative are what you will find here, and are also the only ones that will earn you the ability to post here. If yours aren't up to the test, but you still want to check out the goods, feel free to friend the community! The application for posting is below, fill it out to join.

If you are NOT appling for posting access and just want to look at the icons, DO NOT try to join! YOU WILL BE REJECTED! You need to FRIEND the community if you are just here to look :)

Your Mod:</b>
roxybaby2414// AIM:rockstar2414// email:maud96@hotmail.com

Community Rules

Rules for applying:
1. Apply at this post Here.

2. DO NOT TRY TO JOIN THE COMMUNITY!! We will send you an invite if you are accepted, and you may friend the community if you wish. But if you try to join before we send an invite, your application will be deleted, and you will have to wait two weeks before applying again.

3. Post at least 5-10 icons, 5 of which MUST be Moulin Rouge icons! If you have an icon journal, I would suggest giving us the name of the journal, so we can go and look at a bit more of you work. This can sometimes help us to decide one way or another.

4. Post can you can-can? Or something with that in it in the subject to let me know you've read the rules.

5. Wait until you recieve either a YES or a NO on your application by the mod.

6. If your in, we'll send you an invite to the community, and you may begin posting as soon as you wish. If you are rejected, don't get mad and pitch a fit at us. Don't take it personally, just continue to work, and with time you will have a better chance of making it in. You can reapply after two weeks of your rejection. If you apply again before then, we will ignore your application until the two weeks are up.

Rules for posting:
1. Only post icons of Moulin Rouge, or icons of the actors NOT in another movie. For example, a photo shoot picture turned into an icon of Ewan McGregor will go, but I don't want any icons of him in say Star Wars or something. If you have a question, make sure to I.M. me or email me about it.

2. When posting more then three icons, post three icons as a teaser if you wish (it would be preferred so the viewers can get an idea of your work) and then the rest either behind a cut or a link to the post in your journal that they are in. MAKE SURE that if your icons are in a friends only icon journal its unlocked. It's not gonna help our viewers to see your icons if they can't even see them, will it?

3. You can also list any other icons that are not Moulin Rouge related when telling us what the post includes, just make sure that none of them are in the teasers!

4. You may pimp another community, but it MUST be a link to the community in an icon post; the link CANNOT be in its own post, without icons. Also, if you include a link to another community, you MUST pimp this community in the community you pimp (if that makes sense). If you do not follow these rules, I will delete the post.

Rules for borrowing icons:
1. ALWAYS CREDIT THE MAKER!!!!! Its just rude if you don't.

2. ALWAYS SAVE TO YOUR OWN SERVER!!!!! This is not only rude if you do not, but also icon makers want to kill you for it, because it kills their bandwidth, and your pretty icon will dissapear :)

3. Comment if it is asked of the maker. We icon makers really do like comments, because they incourage us to make more icons, as well as let us know what you all like best!



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If you wish to affiliate with moulin_elite, post Here with the link to your community, the community name, and a banner if you wish.
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